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Our current project is funded by an AFG Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to Focus On Fire Prevention, Inc. They have been working on implementing  Community Risk Reduction (CRR) programs with small rural Fire Departments and Volunteer Fire Departments in the United States.The concepts of CRR have been implemented in a number of communities, helping them to implement home fire safety visits by front line fire fighters. These go beyond the simple smoke alarm installation (which is still a key part) and get them involved in doing focused fire safety education programs during these visits. We are working hard  with a number of communities, including:

  • Chilhowie VA
  • Mount Dora FL
  • Lake Geneva WI
  • Bradenton FL
  • Sipesville PA
  • Kents Store VA
  • Burlington WI
  • Shelby IA
  • Momence IL
  • Gilford NH
  • Pine Hill NJ
  • Key Largo FL
  • St Augustine FL
  • Cocoa Beach FL
  • Lorida FL
  • Lake County FL
  • Lake Placid FL
  • Nokomis FL
  • McFarland WI
  • Monticello FL, among others.


It is an excellent way to get front-line fire fighters involved in working directly in the community, helping promote a safer environment, increasing the productivity of the fire department and helping create a strong and positive relationship with the community, especially when budgets are under close scrutiny. The focus of CRR is on high-risk homes, the very places where a large percentage of fires, deaths and injuries occur and is a coordinated effort to address this problem through outreach in the form of home fire safety visits by fire fighters, either alone or in partnership with social service agencies in the community.

We have developed a Training Program that works with small rural Fire Department to help facilitate home fire safety visits and smoke alarm installs and the long term (integrating CRR into the daily, front line operations, code changes, etc.). It is also all about building partnerships and getting other organizations involved, such as the schools, social services agencies and others who can play a part in the outreach efforts. These partnerships are absolutely critical to the success of the programs.


For more information on CRR please CONTACT US.