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The Focus on Fire Prevention Foundation was founded on two simple guiding principles: 

  • Prevention programs do not receive the emphasis they deserve as an overall fire protection strategy.
  • Volunteer fire departments face unique challenges when developing and implementing effective prevention programs.

The core of the Foundation is a team of technical advisers from around the nation who have a passion for these principles.  Collectively, they represent hundreds of years in fire prevention experience, and a focus on how to help make local programs succeed.  From Maine, to Washington, and from Florida to Wyoming these advisers have all donated their time and expertise to helping volunteer fire departments create and sustain effective
prevention programs.

Volunteer fire departments represent about 80% of the fire protection services in the United States.  They are most often found in suburban and rural areas where high risk audiences are difficult to reach.  The Foundation exists to focus on identifying and replicating effective prevention strategies for these uniquely challenging parts of our nation.

And by focusing on the existing networks of volunteer fire departments, we are tapping into the hub of many local communities where credibility and a core service combine to offer a solid base upon which effective prevention strategies may be built.

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