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List of Ideas


For your Smoke Alarm Campaign


1.            Advertise in your local newspaper.

2.            Record a radio spot.

3.            Host a department open house.

4.            Set up a Campaign table during the lunch hour at high schools and at local colleges.

5.            Set up an Campaign Table at your county fair.

6.            Hang fliers at your community center.

7.            Host a BBQ cook-off and set up a Campaign table.

8.            Hang posters or place fliers at your local library, feed store, hardware store, salon, barber shop,   doctor’s office, or Laundromat.

9.            Place an ad or announcement in church bulletins.

10.          Place door hangers on all homes in your nearby neighborhoods.

11.          Design an on-screen, pre-show advertisement for your local movie theater.

12.          Create Facebook advertisements targeted to users in your area.

13.          Place a Campaign ad on your local government web site.

14.          Talk to your local cable provider about opportunities for donated TV spots (public service announcements).

15.          Obtain speaking engagements at area clubs and organizations.

16.          Ask your local energy or water company if they would be willing to include a small ad with their monthly bills to clients.

17.          Designate someone to dress as Sparky or Smokey and stand outside your station to direct attention to your marquee of your Campaign.

18.          Purchase billboard space.

19.          Ask your local bank about printing small ads on their cash-back envelopes.

20.          Find out if your grocer would use grocery sacks with your ad printed on the side.

21.          Consider placing an ad in any of the free magazines that are frequently located just outside of stores.

22.          Design a large banner to hang across the road in your downtown area.

23.          Purchase billboard space on an outfield fence of a local baseball field.

24.          Advertise on the sides of city buses.

25.          Set up a Campaign table at a local shopping mall or farmer’s market.

26.          Host an Easter egg hunt for children and have a Campaign table set up for the adults.

27.          Volunteer in other organizations’ projects to network.

28.          Provide free bookmarks with your information on them at your local library.

29.          Hang posters in animal-friendly places such a dog park/walk.

30.          Form a partnership with local churches or other volunteer programs.

31.          Insert a leaflet in programs at local high school plays, football games, etc.

32.          Create a Facebook page for your department, including information on how to volunteer.

33.          Contact local businesses that have volunteer programs and build a partnership.

34.          Go to the mall or other locations where they can interact with the public to hand out Campaign fliers and answer questions.

35.          Meals On Wheels.

36.          Domino’s Pizza Boxes.

Reach out to retired firefighters, teachers, and other public service minded people to ask for assistance.